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Who Should Join?

  • Coffeeshop owners

  • Milktea Shop owners

  • Coffee and Tea importers, wholesalers and retails

  • Coffee machines and equipment suppliers

  • Contractors to the industry

  • Packaging materials suppliers

  • POS and B2B suppliers

Email: coffeetea@gmail.com

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The growing appreciation of Filipinos for Coffee and Tea drinks is very evident. When you cruise down around the cities busy avenues there will always be Coffee or Tea Cafes that catch your attention. These Cafes are very convenient for all types of occasions whether it is be a business meeting or you simply just want to slow down and indulge with friends and family. There are different factors that can influence your cup of choice as all drinks are not created equally. It depends on the way it was prepared, the ingredients  . . . . . . . . . . . 

Phil. Coffee & Tea Association Members