The growing appreciation of Filipinos for Coffee and Tea drinks is very evident.

When you cruise down around the cities busy avenues there will always be Coffee or Tea Cafes that catch your attention. These Cafes are very conveni- ent for all types of occasions whether it is be a business meeting or you simply just want to slow down and indulge with friends and family.

There are different factors that can influence your cup of choice as all drinks are not created equally. It depends on the way it was prepared, the ingredients that you use, and the way it was brewed.

A cup of Coffee or Tea can really change a drinker’s mood. Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter, it can drastically improve physical performance. Tea can lower stress levels, and some studies suggest that tea may be beneficial in reducing the risk of dementia and even enhanc- ing our brain's cognitive functions, particularly the working memory.

There are several good coffee and tea cafes around the country, but many of them are just serving the regulars and artificial flavorings. However, there is a Cafe that offers only the real stuff, specializing in coffee drinks, milk teas, and other brewed refreshments. TRUE BREWCafe was established under the blue skies of Ateneo out of the owners’ fondness for Mocha Frappe and their love for Tea. There, the concept of blending two of the most precious gifts of nature was made.

What makes their concept unique is everything on their menu is a product of Research and Development. They are always making sure that the product they will be selling to the market is healthy and delicious and its taste and effectiveness has already been proven and tested. They use real teal leaves and only the finest ingredients, offering their products at affordable prices rewarding their loyal customers.

When they decided to enter the franchising industry in 2012, they changed their name to TRUE BLENDS Tea & Coffee. They are continously thinking of new concepts to add to their menu and are also planning to expand all over the Philippines. They are currently looking for local coffee growers and suppliers so that they could also help our local farmers.

Ms. Joyce Co Yu’s message to the new and aspiring entrepreneur: “Find your passion; persevere and success will follow.”