Why it pays to join a business association



The main appeal of joining a business organization for most entrepreneurs is gaining access to its offered services, especially if these services help in strengthening the daily and long-term operations of their business. All organization operated by Verband Management offer services such as low cost assistance when applying for trademark, help in logistics, special rates from vendors and special rates for Franchise Development. Some business organizations also lobby the national and the local governments for better policies with regards to starting and running a business, while others also help their members acquire the needed certifications to further grow their business. Other business organizations also provide access to resources needed to sustain a successful and healthy personal life for their members, such as lifestyle perks.



Learning never stops for an entrepreneur. But most entrepreneurs, instead of going back to school for their advanced studies, opt to join business organizations to avail of their learning programs and special seminars. While there are many groups that offer business seminars and workshops, those that are given by our business organizations have been customized and tailor-fit to the needs of their members. Depending on the organization, attendance to these seminars, workshops, and other learning programs may be free or come at a discounted rate for members. From time to time, some business organizations also offer certificate courses similar to those offered in business schools and carries the same merit, too. Through these learning programs, you can stay updated with the latest business trends, methods, and innovations that you can ultimately use to grow your business.



On top of its learning programs, business organizations also provide avenues for mentorship, wherein you get to meet and get free counsel from more experienced members. This mentorship can be both personal and professional, as the idea of a business organization also rests on supporting the holistic growth and work-life balance of an entrepreneur. But whether you’re an experienced or a fledgling entrepreneur, it’s always good to learn from others, something that a business organization can also facilitate while industry veterans can offer the voice of experience, young entrepreneurs in turn can provide them a fresh perspective and new ideas. The idea is that the business organization provides a forum for entrepreneurs to share their triumphs and challenges in a safe and trusting environment.



It’s not always about how one business organization can give you the services that can improve your enterprise, but how it can also help you improve your business through the contacts it brings your way. Networking is essential to the growth of any business. After all, your business has needs that you alone can’t provide and that others can better attend to. While conferences, expos, and trade shows serve as great avenues for you to meet people from either the same or different industries, joining a business organization is sure to provide a better networking opportunity. For one, you’re sure that fellow members are qualified professionals who might be in the same industry, but who offer a different product or service from yours. You can even meet and learn from your direct competitors! Joining a business organization also allows you to meet relevant people in your area, and even opens the possibilities of establishing networks globally. A great number of entrepreneurs have brought and grown their businesses regionally and overseas with ease thanks to the help and guidance of their business organizations.



Beyond networking, business organizations also allow you to forge partnerships with fellow members, may it be for new business ventures or for strengthening each other’s established businesses. Having established a network with fellow members, they already know about you and the kind of work that you do. And every time they are on the prowl for new suppliers, contractors, and even consultants, you’re sure to be on their list already. And it works both ways should you need a trusted partner in your new venture or project, you don’t need to look far as you always have your fellow members to fall back on. What makes it better is that, members of the business organization will probably have their own areas of specialization, or unique service and product offerings. Your organization also partners with other organizations, forging stronger partnerships that fosters growth and creates opportunities in your industry as a whole. But the key to getting these opportunities when you join a business organization is being there and being involved in its activities—being visible to your fellow members allows them to notice you and consider if you’re the right partner for their future projects. The best thing is, since you’re all already part of the same organization, the trust and the respect for each other is also already there, which are crucial for the startup phase of any new venture.