Medicus is Filling the Gaps

“Health as a right. Health for All Filipinos by the year 2000 and Health in the Hands of the
People by the year 2020.“ This is the vision of the Philippine Healthcare Delivery System.


Precaution is indeed better than cure. Timely detec- tion of a life threatening disease or preventive screening of a c h r o n i c disease can make a huge difference in saving one’s life. It even helps in reducing overall expenditure incurred on healthcare and medical treatment.

Increase in disposable income, growing literacy and heightened awareness among people about health and medi- cal issues has resulted in higher per capita expenditures on healthcare. Lifestyle diseases and alarming growth in ailments like diabetes, asthma and hypertension are already emerging as the key drivers for greater acceptability of preventive health check-ups, pharmaceuticals and also more frequent tests for disease man- agement. Thus, businesses that focus on health care and wellness have become one of the booming trends in the industry.

One of the first and biggest healthcare provider in the Philippines is Medicus. Medicus is a diagnostic center providing a comprehensive range of services including clinical laboratory, diagnostic and imaging services; pharmaceutical products for wholesale, distribution and retail; medical clinics for general or occupational consultation, medical offices for lease and condo-clinics for sale. Medicus originated from Iloilo today, it continues to grow through Franchising. For almost 20 years, Medicus has constantly enhanced the services to meet the growing demand for manpower resource, modern facilities and healthcare services.

Health care business opportunities such as Medicus will continue to flourish as entrepreneurs identify these trends and devise new and innovative ways to profit from this massive industry. Philippines has an aging population with health habits, a desire to live longer, and the spending power to pursue increasingly costly health care goals. Meanwhile, the current generation of consumers continues to expand the definition of health care to include a broad array of medical and non-medical products and services, from health food and organic food offerings, to sustainable gardening, to modern fitness and wellness centers, to special- ized diet and nutrition instruction.

The bottom line is that an aging and unhealthy population is burdening the health care system, while a growing focus on lifestyle is expanding what “health care” itself means. The combination of these factors means increased demand, spending, and opportunity for health care product and service businesses large and small and countless opportuni- ties for entrepreneurs ready to launch their venture in this industry.