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Pets will always be considered as part of our lives for they bring out a special kind of happiness that other humans can’t give. We humans have certain responsibilities of taking good care of our pets in different ways. Whether it is giving food, providing shelter, and even preparing them for a day of grooming. Pets, particularly dogs, are always consider being a man’s best friend.

It all started in the year 2009 when James Loverio and Eric Villanueva had their own furry babies and tried different grooming in different establishments. A majority of the grooming shops were untrained and illequipped to handle their dogs properly, however and they never managed to find a one stop shop that had all of their needs. Together with James’s mom Erlene, Eric thought of setting up their own spot that would cater to a number of canine needs. After months of intensive research and planning, The Dog Spa was born. In October 2010 the first branch in Ortigas had finally opened. They sell affordable, high quality supplies and products from organic to commercial alternatives and were able to train their groomers on handling dogs properly.

To continue their stronghold in the Philippine Pet industry, The Dog Spa and Hotel is currently the biggest dog grooming business in the country; doing their best to keep it in a way of offering innovative services and by continuously being the experts in the field. As Entrepreneurs, Dog spa owners always make sure that they have different expertise in the business. One is a marketer and advertising expert, another is a human resource practitioner and lastly, the one heading the operation has a long experience in handling several businesses. Their combined experiences and expertise allow them to have unparalleled synergy and dynamism evident in their branches. In the year 2012, Dog spa also ventured their business into Franchising. They want to give the aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to be part of this successful endeavor.

According to James Loverio having a formula to success will always lead you on top. “Hard work and loving what you do. if you’re passionate about the things you’re doing, people will see it in your work” James said. “Do something that can make you smile and one that you’re passionate about. Having your own business is great, but always consider several trials and challenges. If you’re doing something that you’re not passionate about, it will make things more difficult.”