San Jose Bakeshop


If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.
- Regina Brett

San Jose Bakeshop is a three decade company that began its operations in Cebu in 1983 by Tiongko family. This labor of love has been passed to Mr. Jojo Tiongko, the one currently involved in the operations of the bakeshop. A goal oriented, go getter and consistent individual, in order to raise the bar, he put together the things he learned from his travels abroad and tailored it to fit to the needs of their market. He also added that in order to generate new ideas for the business, he is fond of being in a company with people who achieve business success by sharing and comparing ideas with each other.

What makes San Jose Bakeshop unique is the exemplary total store experience which can be seen from the premium quality and kind of products. It hosts a wide variety of choices from the simple pandesal bread we know to delectable cakes we love.

They also treasure the affordability, accessibility, safety and security and ease of a business which is the result of thousands of satisfied and loyal customers that has been following them for more than 30 years. That’s why, wanting to share their expertise and success to others who value the same goal as they are, they venture into franchising. Seeing that the lives of their employees are being uplifted in terms of their character, spiritual and financial literacy and being able to gratify the needs of their customers are the most satisfying moments that he wanted to share with their franchisees.

When asked where he sees San Jose Bakeshop years from now he answered that it’ll be a business that continuously growing through more branches, better products and harmonious relationship with their employees and customers. And being part of the Philippine Bakeshop Association, he envisions that they’ll have a healthy relationship with their co-bakery owners and will be able to share their ideas with one another and be the voice of other bakeries.

Finally, he shares his formula to success which is Preparedness; so that when the opportunity comes one can readily grab it. And his message to the aspiring entrepreneurs is: “Be prepared, seek for a good mentor and seek for God’s guidance and approval.” To build like this strong company is no joke it’s a labor of sweat, love, integrity, innovation and passion so as we eat our favorite bakery products may we always remember that San Jose Bakeshop is here to stay. It’s a smell that brings a smile to everyone.